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    Professional recruiting services for senior executive staffs, technical specialists and regional management require extensive candidate research in specific territory and industry. A flexible approach to clients at various operational research modes and geographic coverage for meeting their manpower needs

    Prospective candidates usually do not respond to media or online advertisements but are willing to tender their resumes to us upon receiving a professional debrief of the client background and prosperous opportunity.


    Retained Executive Search

    Professional recruiting services for senior professionals at executive levels, unique technical specialists and regional management which require extensive candidate research in specific industry or National and Regional candidate sourcing. Prospective candidates usually do not respond to media or online advertisements but are willing to tender their resumes to us upon receiving a professional debrief of the client background and prosperous. The normal lead-time for completing a confidential assignment would be from 6 to 10 weeks. Fee Schedule is competitive subjective to the complexity of the assignments.


    Contingent/Database Selection

    It is a service for meeting the clients' generic requirements in a specific location/industry. Dynamic Resources has been maintaining a comprehensive candidate database for a large variety of industries since its establishment in 1996l and can immediately recommend potential candidates with their latest resumes and major achievements in the shortest period of time, usually within one weeks. Clients would benefit to get the talents for meeting the unforeseeable manpower needs because of staff resignation or termination. A competitive fee structure for single and multiple assignments is available.



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    Human Resources Outsourcing
    is an effective Human Capital Deployment Strategy for organizations in the Greater China Region

    Dynamic Resources offers an effective, low-cost alternative to traditional HR Employment & Services Administration to international SME customers as their representative employer in the Greater China Region.
    Our national networks provide flexibility and expertise to deliver the best personal management solutions with all sizes and scales organizations

    • - Design specify HR outsourcing program for clients who want to focus on their business goals.
        Companies do not always have the time, people or available financial resources to add the best possible HR services.
    • - Provide tailor made service plans to meet unique requirements of organizations in specific location.
    • - Offer one stop shop services of any HR solutions that allow our clients to be more effective in accomplishing their desired business goal.



    • - Legal Employment Entity in the Greater China Region;
    • - Payroll & Fringe Benefits Administration – Statutory Social Insurance, MPF, Individual Income Tax (IIT) Management and Reporting;
    • - Customized On-boarding Program aligned to customers’ specifications;
    • - HR Policies & Procedures development, integration and implementation;
    • - Employment Services for off-shore employees or fixed-term projects;
    • - Planning and implementation of downsizing and redeployment strategies;
    • - Outplacement/Career Coaching;
    • - Development of Workplace Rules & Regulations, Manuals of Corporate Management Services, Internal Control,
        Legal, Compliance, Conflicts of Interest, etc.


    Providing Full Employment Services, our experienced professionals will review and recommend outsourcing opportunities
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    Talents Mapping

    Innovative & Cost Effective Solutions to Resourcing

    • - A cost effective business strategy to meet specific organization needs to identify market leading talent through Talent Pooling, not just those sitting being recycled on a recruiters’ databases
    • - An effective tool  to meet the current and  future employment requirements, and also assist in succession planning and management restructuring
    • - Market Intelligence allows organization to  benchmark its internal talent pipeline against the external market
    • - Strengthen and to build long term Talent Acquisition Capability for the organization


    Talent Pooling

    • - An alternative to mass recruitment projects and volume recruitments
    • - Through ethical approach to gather a pool of candidates for mission critical positions from a target list of competitor companies
    • - Approaches, pre-screens, validates and obtains the CV of target ID
    • - Ascertains candidate motivation to join the company



    1. Number of candidates identified
    2. Full candidate names
    3. Full job title
    4. Company
    5. Shows any additional relevant information obtained in the process of completing the ID project
    6. Contact number
    7. Location where the individual is based


    Market Intelligence

    • -Allows organization to  gain insights  on competitors’ teams structures & reporting lines
    • -Identifies key individuals and their major responsibilities
    • -Involve full structure mapping of competitor specific business sector, to understand the structures and functions
    • -Information is presented in organisation charts with accompanying reports as defined by client requirements





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